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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Annoying Buzz

An hour away from all the work,
I feel highly rejuvenated yet,
Awful, rejected and,
My expectations aren’t met.

Something buzzing inside,
Yet all dazed and dimmed,
Life is funny and weird ride,
Am I missing something?

Hard work- no issues,
Yet it is killing,
All the hope of good future,
Is definitely no kidding!

I am getting good hike every year,
Whatever I planned,
I am definitely much near,
Still I am suffocating, damn!

What exactly am I looking for?
Am I just a jerk or more?
Do I have the guts to follow my heart?
Or would I spend my life doing follower’s chore!?

It is my call; I need to take it,
Being a follower of others’ dreams,
Or being a adventurer of my being,
Where dreams are not just dreams!

Copyright © 2013 Ankita Kashyap 


  1. Greetings Ankita! Fellow A-Z'r here, following you here from the links on Warrior Muse's page.

    I kind of like this, and at the same time, feel like I'm missing something. Which is probably me, I'm rather uncultured and uneddicated when it comes to poetry. Best of luck to you with this blog.

  2. it is hard to find whats right for us but questioning and listning to our hearts speak and have their say, maybe that is the price of listening. lovely writing :)

  3. Thanks Rivercat!

    Glad to hear the appreciation! :)