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Sunday, June 19, 2011

Lazy Sunday Morning

A lazy sunday morning,
with a coffee mug,
minutes transforming into hours,
while my chair giving me a Sunday hug!

I start pondering about last night,
that materialized from the last day,
which was much better than rest of the week,
But, still went away!

Then, I wonder how much,
I was waiting for this sunday morning,
to slip away in my personal space,
and enjoy my own dreams and living.

My dreams of being a happy,
and successful person,
to achieve something,
previously never done..

A life where life never vanishes,
A life of endless surprises,
cheery ones and just cheery ones,
having joyful people and nearly perfect psyches,

I managed the achievement,
of my random dreams,
but, as far as life is considered,
its still somewhere between..

I get upset and go into retrospection mood,
sitting back in my Sunday chair,
and wondering about last night's affair,
how far it was from my perfect night?

But, then Sunday whispers this
in my ears that life is good,
with imperfections only,
Didn't you like last night,
when I began?
But, then slowly....
That is how life moves,
full of struggles
and little to lose,
Accept it that every Sunday,
follows a Monday,
with a promise of a beautiful Sunday ahead,
while Sunday is beautiful today,
it won't ever last!
Go ahead get life,
it is not bound by your pocket size,
And, to be frank- did you realize,
you were actually enjoying life,
when I met you this morning!

Copyright © 2013 Ankita Kashyap


  1. Sweet..and Simple..yet thoughtful!..Liked it!:)

  2. Thanks for the appreciation! :)

  3. I found this very touching, I enjoyed reading it. I love the image of the chair giving a Sunday hug.

    Thanks for signing up for the A-Z Blog Hop. It's great to meet you and I'm glad to have discovered your poetry!

  4. Thanks Julie!

    I am quite overwhelmed by your appreciation. :)

  5. Very well expressed,alluded one of my Sundays! ;)
    Its simple and beautiful.Must say,a noetic effort by a poet. I like it :)

  6. Thanks for appreciating the noetic effort, Junaid! :)

  7. "while Sunday is beautiful today,
    it won't ever last!"

    WOW factor of this poem.

  8. Thank you Ms. Jain! :)
    You know somehow I had this feeling that you would like this one and would like the 'Sunday hug' part.

  9. What an insightful poem!

    "...having joyful people and nearly perfect psyches,"
    That's a nice line. So often we want perfection, but we forget that everyone is fighting their own battles.

    I'm visiting your blog for first time, and I simply adore your poems.


  10. Thanks a lot, Doris!

    I am quite glad that you liked this poetic effort to voice my opinion and thoughts.

    Keep visiting and say whatever you feel about my work.