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Monday, July 30, 2012


It is poet's dream,
to see the reality,
and dig through it,
and free the dream,
trapped inside it.

It is poet's work,
to talk about the dream,
that lives over,
the world's reality,
and gets sucked into it.

It is poet's destiny,
to see his voice,
lost in the chaos of,
dream and reality,
and, reality and dream,
while world slips into,
the realm of dreamland,
while chasing a,
dreamer's dream.

Copyright © 2013 Ankita Kashyap


  1. Good to see poem shots back after a long time. . !!

    @Ankita Kashyap --> loved this short and sweet poem which etched the true story of a poet. .!!


    1. Hi,

      Thanks a lot for the appreciation.

      Having a very busy schedule these days so, could not reply to you earlier. My sincere apologies for the same.

      Thanks once again! :)

      Keep reading. Keep pouring your thoughts. :)

      Ankita Kashyap

    2. Hi Ankita,

      Beautiful work I found....
      keep blogging...good to be back....

      Ashwin Singh

      (p.s. please tell me about the guest poets more)