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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

An Advice

Looking up in the sky,
i could always find the solution,
to my each and every,
little or huge botheration.

otherwise there were times,
when my little unknown,
yet guiding inner voice,
told the truth and path was shown.

but, then one day,
it whispered dreadfully,
hey dear, disaster seems,
walking towards you blissfully.

there would be darker times,
there would mysterious choices,
your shadow may become deceptive,
and, there would be battle of voices.

yes, right there inside your head,
so loud and chaotic in nature,
that you would forget I exist,
But, don't forget that you are a brave creature.

such times are bound to come,
once in a lifetime, for sure,
and the choice of choices,
decides if the result is pure.

do not compare your tests,
with anybody else's,
for they are planned,
as per the individual's cases.

only your true essence,
can let you emerge as survivor,
if you try to cheat,
game would be made fiercer.

so, do not forget,
whatever conversations,
you ever had with me,
as they'd help in case of diversions.

you do lose everything,
if you lose your "one thing",your essence,
and you gain everything,
if you are able to survive,deaths' chance.

this would be a bet on life,
either you gain everything desired,
and shed your shortcomings,
or, you lose everything for life and tired.

this is why they say,
its the darkest labyrinth of all,
no one can survive,
if they let go loose of their soul.

neither traders nor the masters,
neither intellectual nor the fool,
only a person of immense courage,
strength, and love can remain cool.

Copyright © 2013 Ankita Kashyap

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