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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Resident of Memory Lanes

It was a simple thought at night,
Lying stray by the memory lane,
I did not have any preferences,
But, little to my amusing game.

I picked that thought,
And looked through it,
It was shabby,
due to the dirt and mist.

I rubbed it a little,
With my hands,
To look at it clearly,
But, it had too much of sand!

The sand and dirt,
Of time and old beliefs,
That made the thought,
Lose its lustre and dreams.

When I tried to feel the pulse,
The thought was still breathing,
When I tried to look again at it,
It seemed momentarily gleaming.

I tried to talk to that thought,
To know its history,
But, all I could comprehend,
Was the sigh and a deep mystery.

The thought seemed surreal,
The thought held promises,
The thought seemed Gods’ language,
The thought was genuine!

The thoughts’ core seemed hot and cold,
The thoughts’ core seemed liquid yet solid,
The thoughts’ core seemed strong yet fragile,
The thoughts’ core seemed to dislike,
Dislike the memory lane where it was found,
The thoughts’ core asked to be taken back,
To the place it originally belonged,
It promised to reveal its secrets,
Once it would be relocated,
From the memory lanes in mind,
To the lane of non-memory in heart,
The moment it was relocated,
It changed its appearance,
The thought ceased to exist,
And assumed the identity of the feeling,
Now, I could see that the deceased thought had,
Kept its little promise,
It gleamed and brightens the alley,
For it was nothing more or less,
Than the feeling of that abysmal love,
Love that knew,
no boundary or reasons,
Love that was as pure as,
a mothers’ decisions,
Love that changed the face of this earth,
from time to time,
Love that exists even in the most difficult,
altitudes and times,
Love that was bruised, ruined and ridiculed,
in many ways and kinds,
Love that has been relocated again and again,
in the memory lanes of minds!

Copyright © 2013 Ankita Kashyap


  1. This is wonderful. I feel swept away by this into a better place than I had been :)