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Monday, August 22, 2011

Pessimistic Optimism

The times when saints are falling,
the devil is rising,
and hope has been bought,
by a vice advocate.

The times when darkness looms,
and he leaves his home,
to walk through the endless tunnel,
to find a small beacon-light.

The times when faith turns into shards,
and gets mixed with the sand grains,
She slaps her child hard,
for asking about God and his reign.

The times when trust committed suicide,
and the old couple killed, out of sanity,
their own ancestral line,
to save them from humanity.

The times when cruelty becomes asset,
and a lunatic throws pebbles,
from a bag into the ocean,
that were once called morals.

These times do seem,
so far in future and unclear,
but, I still wonder,
about those narrow domestic walls,
and dreary desert sand of dead habit,
when an honest patriotic devotee,
asked almighty,
to let his country awake!

PS: Please refer to Rabindranath Tagore's poem "Mind Without Fear" for understanding the last paragraph in a lucid manner. And, illustration is definitely not by me. :P

Copyright © 2013 Ankita Kashyap

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