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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Random Trip

Hardly seems anytime,
to stop and think,
to stop and wonder,
or find points to ponder!

Subtle hopes,
and visible setbacks,
tiny little belief,
in the instability of madness!

Envy, greed, anger,
Lust, lousiness, prejudice and sorrowful-load,
all get beheaded on the journey,
that leads down to just that 'less traveled' road.

No beacon light,
and no map at hand,
all you have got,
is that voice in your head.

The voice whose energy,
is your little un-giving pumping muscle,
The voice which is your guard,
against all the on-way deceptive tussles.

Seeking God or spiritual joy?
Na-ah, God is within,
I am just on a random trip,
with my eternal companion.

A random trip that,
might lead to nowhere,
or may be it takes me,
somewhere, worthwhile somewhere!

That is the risk,
I have taken,
with choice,
but, on the way,
shedding away,
all this unnecessary baggage,
is a surprise gift,
that was definitely not my choice!

Copyright © 2013 Ankita Kashyap

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