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Friday, November 11, 2011

Negotiations with Life

There you are,
again at the negotiations,
with the life,
negotiations, or at verbal,
rational arguments,
or is it a war,
where arrows are the,
The thoughts of impending,
fear, insecurity and fake dignity,
The thoughts of vengeance,
pride and looming fraternity.
And, the life that is talking back,
with equally life-threatening shots,
an arrow of fear that changes the form,
the nearer it comes,
the more horrendous it becomes,
but, as soon as I dodge it,
it becomes a wonderful logic,
a logic that had the key,
to a wonderful opportunity.
Amazed and gaped,
I look at my arrows,
how they were melting,
in my hands, was hard to swallow,
I realized I was hit by the arrow,
of indomitable hope that,
earlier appeared,
irrational stupid joke.
Suddenly, life comes by my side,
shares it arrows and all the secrets,
and teaches me the art of war,
war..oh yes,
it turned out,
it was a war indeed,
but, not with life,
rather with myself,
the self that believed,
either in rationality or,
the insanity of sentiments.

Copyright © 2013 Ankita Kashyap

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