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Friday, December 30, 2011

Hard Work

Heard them talking,
While I was mocking,
at my own series of failures.
I do not know,
if they were laughing,
at my series of failures.
Yes, I agree,
that they do not matter,
they have no idea,
about the terrain,
I have covered.
or maybe, they are not laughing,
and, they are just concerned,
for they are worried,
about the fate that,
they think,
awaits me.
But, I am walking,
vacuumed the space near,
my ears,
so that the science of sound,
ceases to exist,
I might be wrong,
I might be right,
My path might have been common,
or it might have been just my plight,
It might be just my own series of failures,
or it might have been avoidable,
I might come across,
as a confused poor soul,
but, if I would pay so much attention,
to the thing that might be true,
than the thing that I know is false,
I know I would remain trapped,
in the mould of destiny,
for the thing that I know is true,
is the sheer existence of my hard work.

Copyright © 2013 Ankita Kashyap