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Wednesday, August 22, 2012


Hey Guys!

Here we have got our first guest post. A poem! <Applaud>. A nice, liberating and inspiring one. Hopefully you all would have a wonderful and enjoyable read. Feel free to comment and share your feedback here.

"Yes you were born with wings,
Fall in love with yourself,
Tell yourself you are beautiful,
Go out on a date with yourself,
Buy gifts, spend on luxury,
Sit at a deserted train station,
Listen to good music,
Plan a holiday and make it happen,
Pray in at your faith-place,
Meet old friends,
Pursue forgotten hobbies,
Spend more time with your parents,
Because, yes you were born with wings!

Let the fluttering of wings tickle your heart,
You will breathe again,
Help a stranger, someone who cannot return your favor,
and learn the art of 'learning something new'!
Clean out old stuff from your cupboard,
Trust your instincts and listen to your heart,
Play with children, 
And, never grow up at heart.
Appreciate the beauty around,
and guilt-free indulge in a chocolate drowned cake,
because, you have your own flights to make!

Yes you were born with wings. 
And, try them before you realize it is too late.
Succumb to the wind under you arms,
Fly to unexplored destinations, beyond imagination,
Don’t hold back,
Live in the present, no matter how good the past was,
Invest in the future,
Believe in miracles, as sometimes they do happen,
There has to be more to life than the retrace,
Slow down and breathe.
Get up early in the morn, watch the sun rise
Read more books, write more often
Because, yes you were born with wings!

All you have to realize,
Don’t hesitate! break all inhibitions!
Yes you were born with wings,
Just spread them and know how it feels,
to live,
to breath,
to breathe freely, just once!
I am sure soon you too,
would have this amazing addiction,
addiction called love, life and learning,
Yes you were born with wings,
Do not just keep walking!"

Copyright © 2013 Mukta J. Xess

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